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Painting with Pastels is very fast and you can see immediate results, this apple was painted in more or less 3 minutes (as you can see in the video), however, pastels is a serious technique and to master it you need to dedicate time and lots of practice. 

Please try to paint with pastel very often if you want to get good results, for practice is the best teacher.

In relation to the quality of materials, what you have to know is that you need to work/paint always on a good paper. Do not use a bad quality paper. In order to have good results you have to use a special paper for pastels.

Also you have to know that there different kinds of pastels. The kind of pastels that I used to paint this little red apple are referred to as soft (dry) pastels. Another important kind of pastels to know about is "oil pastels".

Free Art Lessons for BeginnerS 
Painting with pastels “APPLE”

Hi, welcome to free art lessons for beginners, this is painting with pastels. 
We will be painting a little red apple on a special gray pastels paper.
The first step is to draw our subject, the apple, in the middle of the paper,
next is to structure our painting, clearly defining our background, our horizon
and/or perspective.

1) We have to structure our drawing. OK.

2) Once you are happy with your composition you start drawing.

3) Once you have your drawing start coloring the apple with red.

4) Start painting the background.

5) Start painting the table.

6) Now you have to make sure you know the light direction; it could be from the right, or from the left, from the top or indirect light (from the left as in this case).

7) Go for the lighter parts of the apple and also make the table a little lighter.

8) Make the right side of the background lighter, for the indirect light comes from the left.

9) Draw the little piece of wood/steam that was hanging from the tree.

10) Now the final touch; little yellow on the steam, and pure, sharp touch of white on the apple.
GOOD! sign it and you are done.

Pastels are chalk like, very easy to use, but it is real pigment, it is dry paint that
You can mix with your fingers.
In this painting we are using basically the three primary colors, red blue and yellow:
The blue will be the background that will be light blue, very soft. The red will be
the apple, and the yellow will be the table and a little detail (steam) on the apple.
And we have to use special paper for pastels. OK.
Thank you very much for watching my videos.
Bye-bye now. Have a nice day.

Materials you need:
Soft Pastels
Special paper for Pastels (gray or black)
A rigid surface to tape your paper (drawing board)
Masking tape
Easel (only if you have one)
Model (is better to copy/interpret reality)
Good light (day light is always better)
Napkins (sometimes pastels are messy)