Hello, in this video we look at a fun exercise. You can do this exercise with any medium, here we use watercolors. It is always a good idea to use some kind of scrap-paper while painting, to try things out, clean your brush a bit, etc. I recommend that you use whatever left over watercolor paper you may have as scrap-paper.The reason for this, as now you can see in the video, is that we can take those small piece and make miniature paintings with them!
Follow the example of the video, let your imagination flow. Spent a little time looking at the scrap-paper and then using a fine brush, trace lines reinforcing what you see: it could be a face, an animal, a vase, or perhaps even an abstract form that captivates your artistic sensibility. This is a creative exercise that I very much enjoy doing. Also, this model for painting can also be used as the basis to creating a painting.


This video is an excerpt of a sail boat project (e-book) that I have been working on. It is now completed and it is available at my website: http://www.artstudioguild.com
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The present video is only but an excerpt to one of the videos that makeup a new sail boat watercolor project (e-book) that I am creating. Much of the painting advise and techniques that I have suggested through my art lesson videos are addressed in this project in a much clearer and detailed manner.

ART is the best language humanity has to preserve its unwritten history.

Philosophy, aesthetics, story telling, intuition, science, light, beauty and the sublime, curiosity and imagination, all together along with love conform the language that best preserves and describes our concurrence in this universe; Pyramids, ancient buildings and temples, prehistoric paintings, pottery and artifacts of ancient cultures, codices and scrolls of civilizations already extinguished are still able to communicate with us through this universal language.

Art is a giant mirror that reflects culture and traditions; both art and reflection working as one... creating, telling, and retelling, through iconography, sounds, gestures, body language, kinesthesis, symbols, colors, shapes and words, what has been and is our experience,
our metaphors and myths in this planet and beyond.

Art has been with us since the very beginning.
Art is our best investment for future generations.
Making art is magical, helps you to relax, and at the same time it provides you with the
advantages that Art and the Creative process have.
Remember, the human experience begins with art. Painting with watercolors
free art lessons for beginners is making art
Art has been present in many different cultures for thousands of years
Places like Altamira or Lascaux which walls were painted thousands of
years ago, and still resonate in our most intimate inner self, and remind us
how important, magic, sublime, and influential art is.
Painting with watercolors free art lessons for beginners is making art

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